Rad Bikes


SHutUp. (coffee shop dude, please.)

Sittin’ here, mind’s drooling. Second pint about to enter the exit.




Some drink to remember, some to forget…

…some for satisfaction, some for regret.


Shit that was a deep thought. Tom of the Qualls variety and Baldo Badilla happen to be drinking in the same establishment at the same time on the same day. ShitDisIsASmallTown. Awesome-town! So I walked by with #2 in hand and toasted a new year. AND WHAT ASSHOLES SAY I’M NOT A NICE GUY? Thanks, Tom, for liking my jewelry. Yes, I too am glad not to be riding my bike for $6/hr in this weather. Now put your money where your mouth is and buy somethin’ fresh from me for you and yours…. 😉


Concerned people talk and text on cell phones…. Positive pregnancy tests…. Teen mommas…. mortgages…. “FB me later, I’ll friend you!”


Uhhhhh! Inspired by insecure-somethin’s…. I just texted MY girl!


Please pardon my political incorrections….and lack of good grammar…. but “blogging” is soooooo gay.


Mallory Mishler- so great seeing you, too! Love the color of your hair. Yes, do let me know about the (potential) upcoming artist space. I’m VERY interested in having a presence at that location! Yessssssssssss…..


Enter ‘Gommie-Mommies’. Yep, about time to pick-up your kiddos. Surprised you didn’t send your Nanny. Ps- Fuck You for driving a sweeter whip than me! Hahahahaaaa!!! I have 3 degrees and you have NONE!!!! You stupid bitch is what I want to call you…. but you married a doctor…. so… you’re smart.


Sip. Chug….     Sip. Sip.


Damn. Still don’t see my girl. :chug:


HAHAHHahahahahahaaaaaaaa….. Dear time-trial roadie: I totally commend your efforts in loading up on base miles. Shit you’re tough. Not tuff, but tough. Even though your handlebars are so fucked up like Floyd Landis used to rock on ‘roids, you’re :cough, snort, vomit: tougher than me. Hahaaa. But it’s 34 degrees at 3:00pm and I’m on pint two, you’re on mile 4 on your way to Verdi but you and I both know you will turn around at the end of West 4th and come on back home. To warm cocoa. That your wife of 33 years prepared for you. Because you texted her. Hahahaaa. Yes, you’re awesome. I spun out in spin class yesterday, so does that count?




Yeah, I want to be riding more. Someday I’ll be closer to the ocean…. warm weather year ’round. Got beautiful bikes hanging in the garage begging to be ridden. Tuff. And tough. Put away wet. But I don’t need to go ride in this cold so I’m not.


Time to go make radshit… get paid…. yeah.


Mountain Lions, Cougars & Leopards.

While Reno is still pumping out odd social trends that stick like winter’s inversion, you know, you know, cats will figure it out one of these days, Luxembourg has the coolest kitties in town… TEAM LEOPARD is where the shit is happening in 2011.

And check out their race whips. INSANE!!!

Cocky? Confident for sure.

Soap operas will play their story out in every nook and cranny of this great planet. C’est la vie. The drama in the peleton will continue to do the same. Fortunately we’ll get to read and watch all about it! Who’s faster than who? Who’s doping more than you? Dunno… dunno….

Movers and shakers:

This guy has a great idea. Hope it comes to pass.

And this guy.

And this kid who is the heir to the gaming and video industry. Seriously.


Anyway, ‘nough is enough. Peace.


Yeah, we like ’em. We ride ’em, buy ’em, drool on ’em, drink on ’em, race ’em, cruise ’em, crash ’em. Lot’s going on in 2011. Super stoked on a couple new teams in the peleton, new companies, and even the local scene… Lot’s of stoke going on in my neighborhood!

Cavendish having fun @ Specialized.

Fausto Coppi. Badass.

BUY some of this for your bitches, bitches!

The Future…


Finally I got out riding. Two days in a row, baby! Watchu know ’bout dat??!!!! Gonna head out tomorrow too, rain or shine. Been a busy Christmas month knockin’ out tons of artwork…. but done now and I’ve got my Uncle beggin’ me to race Sea Otter again so I’ve got to decide when/if I want to and, hence, when I turn the base mile work-outs into interval training…. Hmmmm…..

This is my latest CX whip:

Yeah, a Ridley CrossWind. Campy Centaur is runnin’ the whole thing, bunch of FSA carbon cranks n’ shit, and for 600 bones less than a carbon frame, done and done. Can’t complain. Mobbed streets with the lady yesterday, mobbed mud n’ snow today. F’n A! So, Sea Otter, dunno. Thinking about the single speed race but we’ll see. The Aunt and Uncle now live 10 minutes from the raceway so it doesn’t get any better than that for lodging. Shit, we can ride to it. Woot!

Here’s the latest on the Ridley site. For the most part Reno is/has switched from riding Ridley’s to Stevens Bikes…. ’cause our favorite local distributor has made that same switch…. Maybe next year I’ll pick up one of those too. Cheers.

Here’s some action to ponder….


It’s another Monday… Err, or Tuesday. Jesus Christ, it’s Christmas again too. What will I get the kids? And will my wife like what I got her? What the fuck will I buy myself?! Gotta indulge on myself, right? If I don’t take care of me I can’t take care of others, right?! Hmmm……

Here’s some CX badass bullshit: Meeusen Haulin’ Ass!

I really, really like this idea! Where’s PIFFY when I need him??!! On that note, I’m sure glad I’m not pedalling a few documents around on my bike today. No matter how tough a courier tries to act in this type of icy, wintery condition, it’s not fun. Think I’m going to stay indoors and make shit. Shit like this:

Yep, redefining the cock ring. Made it for a ‘White Elephant’ party last week.

Well it’s a Monday Tuesday and I have things to do. Biking isn’t one of ’em. But peepin’ pics and dreaming of next year’s bikes sure are. Enjoy your week….